Belle Project
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Meet New People

Belle is the fastest way to connect with new people in the real world.

With one tap, Belle lets you catch lunch with that cutie around the block, book a cup of coffee with a potential business partner, or toast to new friendships over drinks.

EE Solutions, LLC.
Evry1eats, Inc.
July, 2019
The Brief

Belle was conceived with one goal in mind: find interesting people to connect with locally. It engages users through professional and social contexts via in-person meet-ups.

Our Idea

EE Solutions built a native iOS app from the group-up. From micro-interactions to real-time chat servers, we provided full-stack engineering and support throughout the product development process.

What we did

Our Services

EE Solutions is able to deliver highly capable native mobile app experiences for a variety of industries. A few of the features we delivered on the project include:

  • Social Login / Authentication
  • Elastic Search
  • Push Notifications
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Graph Database & Analytics
“ You don’t sacrifice the experience for growth; you drive growth from the quality of the experience. ”
Robert Brunner