Extension Charm

Extension Charm


Rethink Your USB Drive

Our client needed hardware prototyping and a cloud-native backend to test its new USB-based hardware device.

The project "Extension Charm" instantly adds unlimited local storage to any device with a USB port. Use your own drive or take advantage of hosted cloud storage options.

EE Solutions, LLC.
Stealth Startup
August, 2019
The Brief

The client needed a USB drive that was able to connect to the internet independently of the computer it was plugged into. It also needed to seamlessly encrypt and backup files that were dropped onto it's internal storage.

Our Idea

EE Solutions prototyped a device based on an ARM CPU that could act as a USB mass storage device while encrypting and backing up files offsite.

What we did

Our Services

We are experienced in many aspects of hardware prototyping, from 3d printing to embedded firmware development. Here are a few of the features we delivered on this project:

  • Embedded C/Python
  • 3D Printed Prototyping
  • Headless WiFi Configuration
  • Cloud Storage And Synchronization
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